Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), founded in 1954, has an extensive ministry and influence with various aspects of the sporting world–both at the collegiate and professional level.

Recently they had some discussions about what they came to refer as “Phrase Strikes.” I found it very intriguing and eye opening, so let me unpack the concept for you.

In any organization, there can creep into the DNA (and unspoken values) some things that are not biblical or helpful to those in the organization. Such was the case with the executive leadership team at FCA. So they decided to strike some phrases from their common corporate vocabulary, believing they sent the wrong signal to their staff, the athletes and the coaches they work with. These are phrases they either often say or are thinking about.

Here are three of the “Phrase Strikes” they started with:

1. We Are The Biggest Sports Ministry On Planet Earth!

They felt that this smacks of arrogance and organizational snobbery, and they have no way of even proving it, even if it was worth proving. Strike that!

2. What Is Your Vision?

The executive leaders of FCA have a vision for the entire organization. They don’t want each ministry to have another vision, but develop a plan on how they will implement the agreed upon vision they already have. So they are going to stop asking staff what their vision is. They don’t want to create multiple visions, but rather create game plans to implement the common vision. Strike that!

3. We’re Going To Redeem The World Of Sports!

FCA doesn’t redeem squat. Only Jesus can redeem the world of sports. As we depend on Jesus and look to Jesus to transform the hearts of athletes and coaches, the world of sports can be redeemed for the Gospel and the purposes of God. Strike that!

You can imagine my old brain started thinking of “Strike Phrases” for me personally and what “Strike Phrases” churches should remove from their often unwritten, but accepted and practiced, values and ways of thinking.

Here Are A Few Personal “Strike Phrases” For Me:

  1. I have never done that before and am not sure I can
  2. This situation is hopeless
  3. I’m not comfortable with that
  4. I am not sure I can forgive_____ for that

Hey, how about thinking what phrases you should strike from your mental or actual vocabulary for the sake of the Gospel and the betterment of your family, church or organization? Taking it one step further, have a brainstorming session with some of your leaders about which phrases need to become “Strike Phrases.”

+ May you be a “Phrase Striker” to the glory of God and the advancement of the Gospel!