Posted by Ron Edmondson on July 18, 2013

Empowering other people on the team to be leaders…delegation…is critical to a successful church or organization. Every leader talks about delegation, but few truly empower others to be leaders. It’s a frustration I hear frequently from staff members of churches.

Frankly, as one with a strength (StrengthFinders) of command, I can easily take over if no one else takes the lead. It takes discipline as a leader, but I want to create an environment of healthy empowerment. I want to lead a church that produces leaders.

But, how do you know whether healthy empowerment is occurring? I don’t know that we can follow a script, but perhaps there are some principles which need to be in place which can help insure we create cultures conducive to empowerment.

Here Are 7 Signs Of Healthy Empowerment:

(Written from the perspective of those being empowered…”you” being the one empowering.)

1. Confidence is conveyed – They know you believe they can do the job.

2. Expectations are clearly communicated – They know what a win looks like in your eyes and what is required of them to complete the task.

3. Authority has been granted – They have the power to script the path to accomplishment.

4. Permission to fail is assured – They know if it doesn’t work they will be encouraged to try again.

5. Resources are adequate – They have the training, tools and people to accomplish the task.

6. Back is protected – They know their decisions will be backed by senior leadership…by you.

7. Recognition is shared – They know they won’t do all the work for someone else…you…to get the credit.

+Consider your system of delegation. How are you doing?