Posted by Todd Rhoades in Leadership on May 7th, 2013 

Scott Williams suggests these 11 signs that show when someone is NOT a good leader. Check this list against your own heart and actions today:

1. You are not willing to fail
2. You talk way more than you listen
3. You aren’t developing and producing any other leaders to speak of
4. You micro-manage
5. You feel threatened by someone else on your team
6. You’re not willing to follow and learn from those you’re trying to lead
7. You’re really focused on what people think and how much they like you
8. When it comes right down to it… you really don’t genuinely care about the people you are trying to lead
9. You’re willing to make a wrong decision, because the right decision could fail
10. You dream about being someone else rather than doing your best
11. You don’t realize that the culture you create trumps all the little vision talks you give here and there to try to cover your butt.

OK… I took a little freedom with Scott’s list… but we all know a bad leader when we see one in someone else.
My question… do we ever see those same things in ourselves?
Time to look in the mirror and be honest. And try to change.