Posted by Ron Edmondson on June 3, 2013

Oh, the joy of controlling leadership. It’s highly under appreciated.

Oh, I know, this appears to be a change of tune for me. This blog has been critical of controlling leadership as a very poor leadership style. I apologize. I should have recognized the benefits in controlling leadership before now. Thankfully, there’s still time in my leadership career. Hopefully I caught you in time too.

Controlling leadership, if done well, offers some powerful contributions to the organization.

—-> Here Are 7 Benefits Of Being A Controlling Leader:

You Keep Things Small – Small is so easy to manage. Growing is so overrated.

New Ideas Are Stifled – New always translates to different…you know…how we’ve done things before now. Different can be messy. Keep things neat and tidy and life is more comfortable.

Change Is Minimal – Change is hard. Unpopular. Challenging. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

There Are Fewer Misunderstandings – Everything is clear. You’re the boss and no one questions your authority. There. Take that.

You Get All The Credit – You can even blame others for mistakes. Because, after all, you’re in control.

Risk And Fear Is Minimized – (Or so it seems at the time.) If you can control things, you can keep things from getting away from you. It’s safer. (At least it seems.)

People Don’t Grow – You know what happens when people grow. They start developing their own leadership skills. Pretty soon they start thinking they could do things on their own. Perhaps even better than you can do them. They may even leave searching for another opportunity. They may leave. Stop that. (And that’ll keep ‘em with you forever, right?)

See how cool this is. Right now you’re probably thinking you should’ve thought of this controlling leader deal years ago. You can thank me later.

But, you controlling leaders better quit reading this post. Someone is waiting on you to make a decision. You make all of them around there…don’t you? It’s what you do best.

What other benefits have you seen to controlling leadership?

This is a satirical post. It is intended to be funny. But, if you’ve ever worked for or been a controlling leader…you know it’s not funny. Don’t you?