Posted by Perry Noble on The Resurgence, Dec 4, 2012

  1. He refuses to admit his mistakes.
  2. He begins to blame the problems on people or circumstances rather than actually seeking out what the problem might be.
  3. He refuses to listen to the team assembled around him.
  4. He fights every idea that isn’t his own, thinking his originality is what must keep the church afloat.
  5. He refuses to face reality.
  6. He is unwilling to make the necessary changes because it would be highly unpopular.
  7. He tries to listen to what everyone has to say about every situation.
  8. He begins to believe that God’s favor on his life is because of how good he is rather than because of how good God is!
  9. He believes that he can’t learn anything from churches that are smaller than his. (This would be arrogance!)
  10. He abuses his staff to accomplish his agenda rather than leading them to accomplish God’s.
  11. He fears asking for commitments from people because of how he thinks they perceive him.
  12. He becomes obsessed with the way things are rather than how they should be.
  13. He views himself as an expert.
  14. He tries to motivate with fear rather than vision.
  15. He doesn’t seek fresh inspiration from God and often goes back to what has been done instead of seeking direction for what has never been done.
  16. He stops taking risks and becomes obsessed with playing it safe.