There are an incredible number of leaders in the body of Christ today who are exhausted, on the verge of burnout and  “Leading On Empty,” the title of the book by Wayne Cordeiro. 

Are you one of them?

This post by Perry Noble appeared on his website on August 23, 2012.

Read and heed!

Seven Signs You May be Fried!

Be honest with the following questions…

#1 – Is the pace of life you are currently on sustainable for the long haul?  (If you are telling yourself that “things will get better” then I would simply ask you to be honest and ask yourself how long you’ve actually been telling yourself and others that…and, if you are really brave then ask your wife how long you’ve been saying that!)

#2 – Are you more known in the social media world than you are by your own family members and friends?

#3 – Do you feel trapped in your current set of circumstances…and you simply do not see any light at the end of the tunnel?

#4 – Does it seem like the attacks of the enemy have increased lately…either through very condemning thoughts and/or either through attacks from others?

#5 – Do you find yourself having to pretend to be happy when you are in a room full of people…but secretly you wish you were in a place where no one else was around and no one could find you?

#6 – Are you enjoying life…REALLY enjoying life, or do you simply feel like you are merely enduring it?

#7 – Do you feel lonely, isolated and misunderstood?

If you answered “yes” to questions 2,3, 4, 5, and 7 then you have GOT TO pay attention to that!!!  One of the BIGGEST problems leaders have is denying things that the Lord is trying to get them to deal with!!!  Problems do not go away by us ignoring them!!!  We’ve got to hit them head on…especially the ones that seem to try to constantly dominate our own lives!!

And…if you said “enduring” rather than “enjoying” in regards to question six…major problem!  In fact, just a follow up to that question, when is the last time you remember having an awesome time, laughing and being overwhelmed with joy that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anything in ministry???

And…if, in regards to question one, the pace of your life RIGHT NOW is not sustainable then you need to be willing to alter your pace!!!  Change can’t just be “prayed about”…it must be acted upon.

So, in light of all of this what do you need to consider…

#1 – The reason I believe you are dealing with this is because God really wants to do something amazing/awesome/unbelievable in and through you and your ministry…and the enemy is trying to disqualify you before you can be used to your maximum potential (see Ephesians 6:12!)  The devil cannot destroy you until he distracts you!

#2 – Some reading this most likely need PROFESSIONAL counseling!  Let me be quick to say that I have been/am in counseling…and it was my willingness to swallow my pride and ask for help that most likely saved my life and my ministry!!!  In my honest opinion John Walker at the Blessing Ranch in Colorado is the best on the planet at meeting with/understanding pastors.  He is a counselor who has also served as a pastor…he gets it.  I can promise you that a week with him on the ranch is worth EVERY second!!!  (HERE is their link!!!  Trust me…go there!)

AND…keep this in mind, John once told me that MOST pastors ask for help way too late!!!  If you feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed and you want to get out…then get some help!!!  Believe me…you are WAY to valuable to flame out!

#3 – Another thing you might want to read is “10 Signs That You Are Near A Spiritual Burnout/Meltdown”

#4 – I wrote an article on “The Pastor’s Pain” that might be beneficial, it was something that hit me when I was getting angry with my wife and closest friends because they didn’t seem to feel the way I felt…and the Lord used a conversation with my wife to get my attention in this matter.

#5 – GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!!!  Do NOT allow the enemy to have ONE MORE SECOND of victory in your mind!!!  Do whatever it takes to take care of yourself…and get back on track to run the race and FINISH it well!