Posted: July 18 by Perry Noble

#1 – When I walk into a room are people glad to see me or freaked out/stressed that I am there?

#2 – Am I more known as an encourager or as someone who is always pointing out everything that seems to be wrong?

#3 – Does my staff know about loyalty because I model it for them or because I demand it from them?

#4 – Do I always assume the best about a staff member when I hear that they have made a mistake?  (Love ALWAYS assumes the best about a person, ALWAYS, see I Corinthians 13:4-7!)

#5 – When I disagree with someone…do I do so in a way that respects the person OR do I attempt to tear down the person AND their position in order to intimidate anyone else in the room who may agree with them?

#6 – Am I celebrating the past more than I am anticipating the future?

#7 – Am I ignoring anything that really needs to be dealt with?  If so, why?  (Anyone can identify a problem, only a leader will embrace the uncomfortable and the unknown and actually do something about it!)

#8 – Am I a person who is known for contacting others only when I want something from them?

#9 – When I go home and am with my wife and kids…am I checking out my online platform to see what others are saying about me or am I fully engaged with my family?

#10 – Do I motivate people or discourage them?

BTW…if you do not know the answers to these questions, they would make a great agenda for your next leadership meeting!