Perry Noble-Posted on May 3, 2012

#1 – Devoting more time to an online audience (twitter/facebook) rather than leading your family, your staff and investing in the REAL people that God is bringing to your church every week!

#2 – To go at an unrealistic pace that is completely unsustainable and excusing it by saying that things are eventually going to slow down.  

#3 – Holding onto the idea that, “if you want something done right then you have to do it yourself;” therefore refusing to delegate things that God has not gifted/equipped you to do.

#4 – Believing the lie that “if I take care of the church that God will take care of my family” and neglecting the bride that God has given me because I am having an affair with HIS Bride!

#5 – Believing that “if I just pray about it long enough it will work itself out.”  Prayer is often an excuse for passivity and inactivity!  Remember, God DID tear down the walls of Jericho…but Joshua and the Israelites still had to go in and take the city!

#6 – Declaring the decision that needs to be made without discussing it with those whom it will impact the most.  It is easier to declare and then simply say “I’m the leader, that’s the way it is.”  In order to discuss an idea then leader must be open to the fact that his idea might not be the best!!!

#7 – Driving people through guilt, intimidation and threats rather than leading them with clear direction and actually caring more about who they are becoming rather than what they are doing.

#8 – Believing that a particularly tough season is always going to last and allowing thoughts of negativity and the voice of critics to drive you to an unhealthy place where you find yourself always wanting to be alone and refuse to trust anyone.

#9 – Refusing to admit that you need help!  (It’s not weakness to admit this need, it’s actually a sign of strength!)

#10 – Allowing conflict to go unresolved (see Ephesians 4:25-27). One of our rules around here at NewSpring is for people to keep short accounts.  If you are upset then DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL but rather go into to someone’s office, close the door and have a conversation.  The enemy can divide a church a lot quicker if he can divide the staff…and the way he most often does this is through unresolved conflict.