One of the bloggers I follow regularly is Ron Edmondson. He has great insight and wisdom on leadership issues and I profit immensely!

This week, here are some penetrating thoughts from Ron on “Seven Traits that Separate a Leader of Courage:

You can find more from Ron by following this link:   Ron’s website

From this point on, these are all Ron’s thoughts with none of mine:

  • Takes risks others are unwilling to attempt
  • Invest in people others are willing to dismiss
  • Empowers people while others wait for them to completely prove themselves
  • Faces conflicts others avoid
  • Challenges the status quo with which others have grown contented 
  • Embraces changes others ignore
  • Remains steadfast when others are quitting

I’ll be honest, as a leader, I can become timid towards each of the traits on this list…(other than maybe the embracing change one). It’s not a matter of having no fear or being over confident in one’s abilities.

For the courageous leader, it’s an issue of pushing through the adversity and obstacles that get in the way of achieving a worthy goal. It’s continually going back to the vision and doing whatever it takes to accomplish the vision. It’s embracing faith over fear and refusing to let past failures dictate future success. That’s what separates a leader of courage from the norm.