Seth Godin’s name and work pops up quite often in my reading. I am not sure where he is spiritually, but I enjoy and profit from his insightful observations. He definitely functions outside the box and is unconventional in his approach to many issues. He will, assuredly, get you thinking about things.

I have read two of his books: “Tribes” and “Launch.”  He blogs regularly. Google if you want to subscribe/follow him. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are six probing questions for leaders from Seth Godin

1. What do you do with people who disagree with you… do you call them names in order to shut them down?

2. Are you open to multiple points of view or do you demand compliance and uniformity? [Bonus: Are you willing to walk away from a project, customer or employee who has values that don’t match yours?]

3. Is it okay if someone else gets the credit?

4. How often are you able to change your position?

5. Do you have a goal that can be reached in multiple ways?

6. If someone else can get us there faster, are you willing to let him?

No textbook answers… It’s easy to get tripped up by these. In fact, most leaders I know do.